How to Fix an Xbox 360 Controller Joystick

Published: 11th June 2010
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A gamer can not play game without Xbox controller. This controller consists of an analog stick which is also called joystick. When you buy a new Xbox game, your gaming console have at least controller. Instead of having a new joystick, to repair Xbox 360 controller joystick is very easy.

• Open all screws that tightly bound the whole controller together by the use of screwdriver. Only six screws can be seen easily on turning the controller over. But there is also another screw that exists inside of the battery pack.

• Check the joysticks to determine the broken, damaged or loose one. Actually, there are two different joysticks in the Xbox 360 controller. One is located on right side of controller and other one is on the left side of controller.

• Very carefully pull out the joystick that is damaged because the joystick is fixed with the help of soldered. Fixing the joystick in a place, slightly run the iron of the soldered above the metal pieces. Due to the heat of the iron of the soldered, these metal pieces melt down and you can easily pull out the damaged joystick.

• For guidance, use the old holes and put the new joystick into desired location with the use of solder. Before putting the casing back, make sure that joystick can not loosen and move.

• Now cover the joystick with thumb stick for more security. It is only a small piece that stops the things to fall into controller. Again pack all the things that you have opened and check the joystick before playing the game.

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